It all started a while back .... I was chatting with a girl friend and confessed to her that I had been quite interested in, and aroused by a dvd a boy friend had left behind at my flat..... I was surprised at how turned on I got from watching a horny couple screwing each others brains out..... She admitted to being very interested in sex videos too and had even been considering having a threesome if she could find the right guys to share.....WOW....Anyway we started to search on the internet for more adult videos and found it was not as easy as we had imagined to find good porn for girls..... What's more I wanted to be able to buy a vibrator, condoms, a dildo even, without having to go to cheap, tacky looking sex sites that sell inflatable rubber women ...YUCK... and stupid novelty salt and pepper shakers shaped like breasts..... So we decided to make our own funky site for spunky girls who just like a little titillation and a few good sex toys to make their evenings with friends, or alone for that matter, a damn site more interesting ..... like I always say ....a girl's just gotta have FUN!!!
Oh Wow ... you found me!! I have to warn you though that you need to be 18 years or older to come in because some stuff in here is a little bit naughty
Oh yes please let me in!